On beauty in simplicity


The great thing about boys is that they are so simple. No over thinking things, no thinking between the lines…hardly any thinking at all in fact. That’s fantastic and it makes living with boys – in that sense at least – much easier.

Things are taken at face value. For example, if you give them food, they eat, if you give them juice, they drink, if you give them a ball, they kick it. No answering back, no asking whys and hows, no questioning really. It’s there, it’s good, take it. All is well, all is easy.

They are also great deflectors, that’s also an asset that they have. They never feel targeted, their feelings don’t get hurt. But that’s mostly, I think, because they just don’t get it. They don’t get the under meaning of the understatement of the hint that we women, of course, only know how to speak in. Hence most of our discussions at home tend to move in parallel lines rather than intersect at any point. That is if they’re actually listening.

All these musings to bring me to the point of my husband, whom upon reading my “about the author” page, wondered why I was writing all these things about myself and asked, very simply: “who farts?”

You’ve got to love them.

(Because if you don’t, nobody will.)

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